Microphone and Handset Repairs

Not only do we provide bespoke telecommunication solutions but we also offer services to repair telecommunication hardware. Repairing of hardware is always a preferable solution as this is not only more cost effective but more eco-friendly. We have trained engineers who specialise in repairing and refurbishing a wide range of hardwares including but not limited to microphones, handsets and radio controllers.

Our repairs typically will involve an initial period of quarantine and cleaning for all hardware received for repair to ensure safety for our staff who will be handling these returned goods. This step has been particularly import to us ensuring that we could continue to provide our services throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. This is the forward thinking approach we feel is vital to allow us to provide a smooth and consistent service to our valued customers. Following our cleaning stages we then carry out an initial assessment  of each individual piece of equipment returned where we identify any possible component replacements or repairs which need to be made.

Following this we carry out any work that needs to be completed before testing, cleaning and re-packaging all hardware. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and unwavering quality in both manufacturing and repair, if this is a service which could be beneficial to your organisation please reach out through our ‘Contact us’ page for any further information.